TanzMusik a brand new track supporting Musicians Defend Ukraine December 9th – Linx & Lechz: Feat Michael von der Heide, Gigi Moto, Noëlle Rouss and Love’n’joy


About Love’n’Joy

Three guys with a deep love for the classic 60s sound, psychedelia, british pop scene, is one way to describe the Ukrainian band Love’n’Joy – Anton Pushkar, Andrii Sukhariev, and Sergey Zlobin make up this groove seeking band. Based in Kyiv, adn now touring away they have been performing together since 2015, and have recently started to spread their wings to tour in Switzerland, France, Poland, Germany, and further afield. Watch out for dates coming soon for in the UK.

We met Anton lead vocalist, in Zürich recently about getting involved in the “Shuffleforfreedom” project. The band had been touring Switzerland so we jump on the chance to meet up ……….. well the rest is history. Now you can along with Shpytal Records they are the Co-founders of the Charity we are supporting. They provide support and humantarian aid directly to Musicians who now as a result of the war find themselves in the field defending their country.

Check out there video for the Track “Brut” We Love it!