TanzMusik a brand new track supporting Musicians Defend Ukraine December 9thLinx & Lechz: Feat Michael von der Heide, Gigi Moto, Noëlle Rouss and Love’n’Joy

The duo Linx & Lechz consists of the two musicians Boni Koller and Nico Feer. The two have already been on stage together for around 80 concerts on the occasion of the new edition of Baby Jail (2012 – 2017). Since 2019 they have been concocting new songs that are musically located between minimal rock and electrified chanson.

Linx & Lechz are the creators of the track Tanz Musik – Cheers Guys for all you support ! Priceless.

Nico Feer – from Linx & Lechz
Boni Koller – from Linx & Lechz
Boni and Nico performing the reshoot of their Baby Jail Track “Tubel Trophy” 2015

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