TanzMusik a brand new track supporting Musicians Defend Ukraine December 9th – Linx & Lechz: Feat Michael von der Heide, Gigi Moto, Noëlle Rouss and Love’n’Joy

About Gigi Moto

In 1993 Gigi Moto gave their first concert. The big breakthrough came seven years later with the third album “Superstar”. This was followed by sold-out club tours, appearances at the big open air events in Switzerland and supporting act concerts by international stars. After countless concerts in groups of three, four and five, radio high rotations and cultural prizes, the couple increasingly performed as a couple again, while both pursuing their own careers: Gigi Moto as a grandiose soul singer and rock singer in the music theater sector, Jean-Pierre von Dach as a sought-after exceptional guitarist in many renowned bands. But the hearts of the two never stopped beating for each other and for new music together. With each album, her very own style grew stronger, which is now crystal clear on “Local Heroes”.

Gigi Moto “25000 Yesterdays”

Editors Comment: The vocal gives you goose bumps – the track is amazing!