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BIG THANKS TO ALL – The Music Video for the German Version is NOW LIVE, English Version coming soon 16th December 2022

100% Proceeds to Musicians Defend Ukraine

Music Production Voices: Noëlle Ruoss, Gigi Moto, Anton Pushkar (Love’n’Joy)

Lyrics: Boni Koller

Composition: Nico Feer / Boni Koller / Matthias Kräutli Guitar/Bass/Organ:

Nico Feer: Drums/Percussion/Clavinet/Organs: Matthias Kräutli

Saxophone: Anton Ponomarev

Mix: Martin Hofstetter ho-fi Ton Master: Dan Suter, Echochamber

Shuffle for Freedom Team

Video Producer: Noel Hearle, Denys Halushko

Traditional Media: Peter Walt

Social Media: Christophe Truchet & Yuliia Halushko

Musicians Defend Ukraine Charity & Additional Video Content Video: Anna & Anton

Dancers & Chorography: Carlos Kerr Jr Dancer Sheela, Corrinne Dancers

Sasha :Dancer and Actress

Special Mentions

Yvan Pestalozzi Artist (Mechanical Scuplture)

Fritz Kind owner of the wonderful “Villa Flora” our shoot location Noelle & Dancers Jackets Heimetti mit Herz (Richterswil 8805)

VIDEO Shoot – The first phase of the Video Shoot was a great success on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November. The shoot was at the wonderful Villa Flora in Wald – The owner of the Villa Fritz was amazing, we really couldn’t have picked a better place to shoot

VIDEO Shoot (UPDATE) – 2nd Phase now complete too ……. Dancers Carlos, Sheela, Corinne and Singer Gigi are in the house!

Noelle Rouss – On Set

A Big THANKS to everyone involved

It really was a super busy weekend. The main aim was to get the shots for both versions of the track, so it was a real challenge as most things needed to be shot twice, once in German and once in English.

Next week we complete the filming with Gigi Moto again at the Villa Flora, Lovenjoy will film in Berlin and our dance team Carlos, Sheela, and Corinne will be filmed also at the Villa Flora.

SRF TV update

SRF TV were also there to follow the shoot and interview those involved. The Programme goes out on National Swiss SRF TV on the 9th December, G&G Show ………… be sure to watch the making of and to hear from all involved.

The editing has already begun ………… watch this space, release date 9th December. ………

Michael von der Heide – On Set
Sahsa – Dancer and Actress (11 yrs old – Star of the DAY !!!!!!)
A few of the Team on Sunday 27th November