Getting funds in and out of Ukraine at the moment is not the easiest thing to do, but due to the out break of war in February, Paypal have opened up services in there. You can now send a donation directly via Paypal to our chosen Charity, Musicians Defend Ukraine.

Making a donation with is super easy, log in to your Paypal Account and follow the simple instructions to send money. The email address you’ll need to send your donation too is

Artwork for the New Single was created by Noel Hearle

All of the Artists, Musicians and Digital Media people involved in the project have donated their time for free. Its been a lot of work for sure, but for all those involved it was not an option to sit back and do nothing it was all about DOING SOMETHING to help.

The war in Ukraine has left many many families separated by distance and death, without the security of shelter, food, energy and all at a time when the winter is approaching fast. So please support #shuffleforfreedom and let the people of Ukraine know we care.